Abia first lady kicks off world glaucoma week

Admonished all to care for the eyes


World Glaucoma week :Wife of Abia state Governor Mrs Priscilla Otti kicks off glaucoma week

The wife of the Abia state, Priscilla Otti has kicked off the world glaucoma week under the resonating theme, “Uniting for a Glaucoma-Free World”.

Represented by the wife of the deputy governor,Mrs Adaeze Emetu ,she admonished those who presented themselves to participate in the walk as a collective dedication aimed at combatting the scourge of Glaucoma

This year’s theme underscores our shared responsibility in mobilizing communities worldwide to join forces in the battle against glaucoma-induced blindness. Often referred to as the “silent thief of vision”, glaucoma stands as the leading cause of irreversible blindness.

Statistics reveal that a staggering 80 million individuals worldwide suffer from glaucoma, with an alarming 50% unaware of their condition. This insidious disease, often asymptomatic in its early stages, can inflict irreparable damage by the time it is diagnosed. Notably, individuals aged 40 years and above are at a heightened risk.

“Today, our gathering serves as a poignant reminder of the imperative for regular eye examinations—a pivotal step in the early detection and management of glaucoma. Early intervention and proper care hold the promise of preserving and safeguarding precious vision.”

I implore each of us to engage actively and partake in the initiatives orchestrated within our beloved Abia State to combat this formidable adversary. Let us endeavor to raise awareness and deepen our understanding of glaucoma.”

” As a government, we have taken proactive measures to provide free glaucoma screening across our healthcare facilities statewide.

This initiative has been extended to various locations within the three senatorial districts of Abia, offering our people invaluable access to this essential service. I am pleased to announce that the free screening and medication program, initiated on the 10th of March, will continue throughout this week. I urge all our citizens to avail themselves of this invaluable opportunity.

And specially appreciate the dedicated doctors, nurses, and healthcare professionals within Abia State who tirelessly strive to ensure the provision of exemplary medical care to our populace

In her speech the Senior Special Assistant to the Governor on Special Duties, Dr Betty Obasi hinted that the need to Continue to enlighten and educate our communities on the need for regular eye examination which is the key to early detection and strict compliance with prescribed medication.

Today is a about educating you on how to manage glaucoma

It is not a disease where you treat your medication with levity, this is because of its effects on the outcome of treatment you are receiving

If there is anything you must do religiously it is in using your eye drops

Have a culture of time for taking your drugs at the stipulated time because it is major determinant of the efficacy of the drugs.

Once you have and take your medication religiously you can manage the inter ocular pressure

We must acknowledge the efforts of the state government in revamping health care in the state

Let this be the start of a new era that United together we will make Abia State Glaucoma-free in the nearest future

The key is visit your eye doctor and get someone to visit for eye examination

As we stand united in our resolve to eradicate the shadows of glaucoma from our communities, ensuring a brighter, glaucoma-free future for all.